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Icons of popular pregnancy apps in 2024

Top Pregnancy Apps of 2024: Your Ultimate Guide to a Smooth and Supported Pregnancy

Gone are the days when you solely relied on hefty books or eagerly awaited advice from family and friends. From tracking your little one's growth to connecting with fellow parents-to-be, these apps are like having a wise friend who's always there when you need them. So, grab your phone, get comfy, and let's dive into the world of pregnancy apps that are set to make your life a whole lot easier and way more fun!

Navigating Expectant Parenthood in the Digital Age

Pregnancy sure is an adventure, and in today's world, it's one where your trusty smartphone plays a starring role. As you embark on this beautiful journey, preparing for your bundle of joy, let's face it – apps are not just nice to have; they're pretty much essential. With the right set of apps, you'll be able to keep track of your pregnancy milestones, soak up tons of useful info, and even find a community of fellow expectant parents just as excited (and maybe a bit nervous) as you are. Isn't it amazing how much support and knowledge can fit right in the palm of your hand?

Criteria for the Must-Have Pregnancy Tracker

Embarking on the pregnancy journey in 2024 means sifting through an array of apps. But fear not! We're here to guide you through the maze. When it comes to choosing the perfect companion for your journey, think of these criteria as your trusty flashlight in the digital wilderness:
  1. Quality Information: You deserve accurate and trustworthy advice. Apps should serve as a beacon of knowledge, illuminating your path with well-researched facts.
  2. Visually Appealing: Let's face it, we all love a bit of eye candy! A visually engaging app isn't just nice to look at; it makes diving into information an absolute breeze.
  3. Personalization: Your pregnancy journey is as unique as you are. The ideal app tailors its features to your specific needs and milestones, making it feel like a close friend who really gets you.
  4. Community Engagement: It takes a village, right? Connecting with fellow expectant parents can be a source of incredible support and shared wisdom.
  5. Health Tracking: Keep tabs on your health with ease. A good app should offer intuitive ways to monitor appointments, symptoms, and all those little changes that come with pregnancy.
  6. Ease of Use: Who needs extra hassle? Look for an app that's as easy to navigate as your favorite coffee shop.
  7. Multiplatform Support: Whether you're an iOS devotee or an Android enthusiast, accessing your app across various devices should be seamless.
  8. Security and Privacy: Your personal data is precious. A top-notch app not only respects this but guards it like a treasure.

With these criteria in hand, you're well-equipped to find an app that's not just a tool, but a treasured companion on your pregnancy journey.

The Evolution of Pregnancy Apps

A Quick Stroll Down Memory Lane

Once upon a time, tracking pregnancy meant relying on books and handwritten notes. Fast forward to the early digital days, and the first pregnancy apps were pretty straightforward, offering basic week-by-week updates.

Tech to the Rescue

As technology evolved, so did these apps. They started getting smarter, offering personalized features like due date calculators and symptom trackers. It was like having a little pregnancy assistant in your pocket!

Beyond Basics: Personalization and Community

The real game-changer was personalization – apps tailored to your unique journey. Plus, community features brought together expectant parents worldwide, turning apps into mini support systems.

Today: A Digital Pregnancy Hub

Now, in 2024, pregnancy apps are more like multifunctional hubs. They're integrated with other health tools, offer detailed insights, and some even connect you with healthcare professionals. They've become an indispensable part of modern parenting.

The Future Awaits

What's next? We might see AI-driven advice, augmented reality for baby development visualization, and deeper healthcare integration. The evolution of pregnancy apps is just as dynamic as parenthood itself!

In this rapid transformation, one thing's for sure: pregnancy apps have shifted from simple trackers to comprehensive platforms that support, inform, and connect, making a significant impact on the parenting journey.

How We Chose the Top Pregnancy Apps

In the sea of pregnancy apps available in 2024, picking the best can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. So, how did we go about it? Our selection process was thorough and thoughtful, centered around what expectant parents truly need and value. Here’s a peek into our criteria:

  1. User Feedback and Reviews: Prioritized apps with high user ratings and positive reviews for real-life insights.
  2. Quality and Accuracy of Information: Chose apps providing medically verified and reliable information.
  3. Ease of Use and Interface Design: Selected apps with user-friendly interfaces for hassle-free navigation
  4. Feature Diversity and Personalization: Focused on apps offering customizable experiences tailored to individual needs.
  5. Community and Support: Gave preference to apps with strong community features for shared experiences and support.
  6. Data Security and Privacy: Ensured apps adhere to stringent data protection and privacy policies.
  7. Ongoing Development and Support: Valued apps that offer regular updates, bug fixes, and responsive customer support.
  8. Accessibility and Multiplatform Availability: Included apps that are accessible across various devices and platforms.

By adhering to these guiding principles, we've carefully selected a list of apps that are feature-rich, reliable, user-friendly, and secure and stand out in their commitment to enhancing your pregnancy journey, ensuring a smooth and well-informed experience for expectant parents.

The Top 10+ Go-To Pregnancy Apps for 2024

Navigating the world of pregnancy apps can be like walking through a digital bazaar – so many options, features, and glowing screens! But don't worry, we've done the homework for you. Here are 10+ of the top pregnancy apps of 2024 (in order by customer ratings) that have won the hearts of expectant parents:

BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker

Screenshots of BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker app

Availability: iOS (4.9⭐️) and Android (4.9⭐️)

Cost: Free

Why we love it: The BabyCenter app is celebrated for its comprehensive offerings, including detailed 3D visuals of fetal development, a vibrant social network for connecting with others on similar journeys, and an extensive library of articles and resources. It crafts a personalized pregnancy timeline with weekly updates, including a symptoms tracker and a contraction timer for the final trimester. For those planning a family, it provides tools like an ovulation calendar and post-birth, to a growth tracker, it transitions among other postnatal features.


  • Offers educational videos on your baby's development and growth stages.
  • Comes equipped with a kick tracker and contraction timer for monitoring pregnancy progress.
  • Features a customizable birth plan to communicate your labor and delivery preferences with healthcare providers.


  • The user interface includes a considerable number of ads, which some may find intrusive.

Pregnancy and Baby Tracker: WTE

Screenshots of Pregnancy and Baby Tracker WTE pregnancy app

Availability: iOS (4.9⭐️) and Android (4.8⭐️)

Cost: Free

Why we love it: The What to Expect app delights with its sleek design and fun comparisons of your baby's size to both fruits and pop culture items. It offers 3D views of fetal growth, insights on bodily changes and symptoms, and reviews on pregnancy and baby products. Its strong social network connects moms-to-be, offering baby development updates and a 'bump' photo feature, by due month or globally, enhancing its community feel.


  • Expansive social networking options

  • Incorporates an ovulation tracker

  • Equipped with a due date estimator


  • Some users have reported app stability issues, including crashes and glitches, as noted in user feedback on the app store

Amiila Pregnancy Tracker

Screenshots of Amilla Pregnancy Tracker pregnancy app

Availability: iOS (4.8⭐️) and Android (4.9⭐️)

Cost: Free

Why we love it: The Amila Pregnancy Tracker shines with its comprehensive week-by-week updates on your baby's growth and vibrant visuals. It excels in monitoring key aspects of your pregnancy timeline, including belly growth, trimester changes, kicks, and contractions—with the latter helping to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, crucial for labor preparation—through easy-to-read graphs and charts. Additionally, it incorporates a calendar and notes section for jotting down thoughts and tracking appointments, making it a versatile tool for expectant mothers.


  • Includes a kegel exercise guide
  • Offers features for counting kicks and contractions
  • Comes with a pregnancy weight-monitoring tool


  • Lacks a feature for social networking, limiting community interaction

Ovia Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

Screenshots of Ovia Pregnancy Baby Tracker pregnancy app

Availability: iOS (4.9⭐️) and Android (4.7⭐️)

Cost: Free

Why we love it: The Ovia Pregnancy & Baby Tracker app offers an extensive range of features tailored to the needs of expectant parents. Known as a leading pregnancy tracking app, Ovia offers a customized pregnancy timeline showcasing your baby's anatomical development with detailed 3D renderings, alongside symptoms to monitor, informative articles, and safety guides for food and medication. The app also allows for personalized tracking of various health metrics, including weight, symptoms, nutrition, and medications, adding a practical aspect to its use. Additionally, it includes a baby name feature for prospective parents to compile their favorite names.


  • Features a comprehensive calendar for logging doctor's appointments, important milestones, and personal health data.

  • Integrates with Apple Health to seamlessly share information on blood pressure and weight.

  • Partners with health plan providers to offer in-app health assessments, enhancing its utility.


  • Some users may find the app interface a bit cluttered, potentially impacting user experience.

The Bump Baby Tracker and Pregnancy App

Screenshots of The Bump Baby Tracker and Pregnancy app

Availability: iOS (4.8⭐️) and Android (4.8⭐️)

Cost: Free

Why we love it: The Bump’s Baby Tracker and Pregnancy app delights parents-to-be with creative comparisons of their baby's size to fruits, adding a touch of fun to the journey. Beyond these playful elements, it provides crucial daily updates tailored to the specific week of pregnancy, offering practical advice from managing morning sickness to preparing your hospital bag. A standout feature is its baby registry tracker, helping you manage your baby registry with ease, alongside trimester-specific advice.


  • Curates baby name lists, complete with origins and meanings

  • Seamlessly syncs appointments with your smartphone’s calendar

  • Introduces a weekly “bump” photo album which continues into the baby’s first year


  • It misses out on a feature for tracking pregnancy symptoms


Screenshots of Pregnancy app

Availability: iOS (4.8⭐️) and Android (4.7⭐️)

Cost: Free

Why we love it: The Pregnancy+ app is praised for its comprehensive coverage across all pregnancy stages, making it a versatile choice for expectant parents. It delivers daily articles customized to the user's stage of pregnancy, alongside in-depth guides on breastfeeding, exercise, and more. The app encourages personalizing the pregnancy journey, with workout guides and nutrition advice for each trimester.


  • Features detailed 3D models of fetal development, offering a close-up look at the baby's growth.
  • Provides practical pregnancy planning tools, including hospital bag checklists, a customizable birth plan, and a calendar for tracking appointments.
  • Uses creative comparisons to show the baby's size, drawing parallels to fruits, animals, and other objects for an imaginative perspective.


  • It lacks features to support the trying-to-conceive phase.

Flo Health: Period Tracker, Ovulation & Fertility Calendar

Screenshots of Flo Health Period Tracker ovulation Fertility Calendar pregnancy app

Availability: iOS (4.8⭐️) and Android (4.6⭐️)

Cost: Free

Why we love it: Flo, hailed as the best fertility app for those with irregular periods by Healthline in 2022, is a testament to its widespread approval and effectiveness. Flo, celebrated for ovulation and fertility tracking, also serves as an all-in-one tool for pregnancy symptoms tracking, monitoring your baby's growth, counting down to your due date, and offering insights on newborn care.



  • Widely recognized for its comprehensive pregnancy and fertility tracking capabilities.
  • Offers an expansive range of features from symptom tracking to educational content on newborn care.


  • Premium features, which provide the most value, require a subscription fee.
  • Basic version may offer limited functionality compared to the full, paid versions.

Pregnancy and Due Date Tracker

Screenshots of Pregnancy and Due Date Tracker pregnancy app

Availability: iOS (4.8⭐️) and Android (4.6⭐️)

Cost: Free

Why we love it: The Pregnancy and Due Date Tracker app stands out for its straightforward approach, focusing on essential tracking features such as blood pressure, weight gain, tummy size, and baby's movements—all of which can be conveniently saved for discussion with your doctor. Additionally, it incorporates a contraction timer and a comprehensive pregnancy timeline, helping you monitor important milestones along with nutrition and lifestyle guidance to support expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy journey.


  • Enables conversion of pregnancy data into a PDF for easy sharing with healthcare professionals.
  • Integrates with the Apple Health app for comprehensive health tracking.
  • Provides detailed checklists for each trimester, helping users prepare for childbirth effectively.


  • Lacks a social networking feature for connecting with other expectant parents.
  • Does not include tools for those in the trying-to-conceive phase.

Glow: Track. Shop. Nurture.

Screenshots of Glow Track Shop Nurture pregnancy app
iOS (4.8⭐️) and Android (4.5⭐️)

Cost: Free

Why we love it: The Glow: Track. Shop. Nurture. pregnancy app stands out for its comprehensive suite of features tailored for expectant parents. It not only provides in-depth insights into the symptoms you might encounter at various pregnancy stages, complete with statistics on their prevalence, but also emphasizes social and partner support. Leveraging AI, this pregnancy tracking app delivers customized advice, including nutrition tips and ovulation tracking for pre-pregnancy planning.

Adding to the appeal are the fun extras: a shareable baby registry and a vibrant community for connecting with other parents. The app enriches the pregnancy journey with expert-led podcasts, articles, and videos covering key topics like nutrition, breastfeeding, and labor.


  • Syncs with Apple’s Health app for a holistic health overview
  • Showcases fetal development imagery and size updates
  • Includes tools for tracking baby kicks and contractions


  • Lacks features for those trying to conceive

amma––Pregnancy and Baby Tracker

Screenshots of Amma Pregnancy and Baby Tracker pregnancy app

Availability: iOS (4.7⭐️) and Android (4.7⭐️)

Cost: Free

Why we love it: The amma Pregnancy and Baby Tracker offers a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to support expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy journey. Providing daily articles on pregnancy, including breastfeeding tips and baby development updates, and weekly advice from obstetricians, it's designed to guide you through each stage with knowledge and insights. The app includes a handy event diary for scheduling appointments and offers weekly updates on your baby's growth, along with a feature to count baby kicks and suggestions for nutritious meals.


  • Adopts clinical BMI guidelines for monitoring weight gain and belly size, ensuring health and wellness are kept in focus.
  • Allows for the sharing of information on social media, making it easy to keep family and friends updated.
  • Includes a contraction tracker with the option to send the data directly to healthcare providers for added peace of mind.


  • It does not offer support for the trying-to-conceive phase, focusing instead on the pregnancy journey itself.

Sprout Pregnancy

Screenshots of Sprout Pregnancy app

Availability: iOS (4.7⭐️) and Android (4.6⭐️)

Cost: Free

Why we love it: The Sprout pregnancy tracking app offers a unique and immersive experience, with detailed week-by-week baby development updates and a belly growth tracker. Highlighting major developmental milestones, this app also aids in organizing pregnancy-related tasks with features like a To-Do list, hospital bag checklist, birth plan, and a tracker for doctor's appointments. For those looking to capture the journey, it includes a pregnancy journal feature that can be exported into an ebook. Additionally, practical tools such as a kick counter and contraction timer are available for monitoring closer to the due date.


  • Provides a detailed, interactive guide to your baby's development.
  • Helps keep pregnancy tasks organized with comprehensive planning tools.
  • Features a unique pregnancy journal that can be turned into an ebook for keepsake.


  • The app's wide range of features might be overwhelming for some users seeking simpler tracking.


Screenshots of ProDaddy pregnancy app

Availability: iOS (4.7⭐️) and Android (4.4⭐️)

Cost: Free

Why we love it: ProDaddy redefines the pregnancy app scene by focusing on partners, particularly dads-to-be, offering a unique blend of weekly quick reads, in-depth articles, and essential fatherhood tips. It's tailored to inform and engage future fathers with updates on the baby's development and insights into equal parenting responsibilities. ProDaddy stands out for its relatable, slightly bro-y tone, making the content both accessible and entertaining. Unlike other dad-centric apps that might lean heavily on stereotypical imagery, ProDaddy emphasizes practical advice and involvement in all aspects of parenting preparation, from baby showers to paternity leave.


  • Tailored content for partners, focusing on equal parenting and involvement.
  • Weekly updates and articles that build confidence in fatherhood.


  • The casual, bro-y tone may not resonate with everyone, despite its aim to be cheekily appealing.

WebMD Pregnancy

Screenshots of WebMD Pregnancy app

Availability: iOS (4.5⭐️) 

Cost: Free

Why we love it: The WebMD Pregnancy app serves as an all-encompassing guide for expectant mothers, offering a detailed pregnancy timeline that includes symptom tracking and insights on breastfeeding from medical professionals. With interactive features for monitoring both baby's development and maternal health indicators such as weight and blood pressure, it's an invaluable resource. Its array of preparation tools, like a symptom tracker, essential questions for doctor visits, a hospital bag checklist, and a contraction counter, stand out for their utility. The inclusion of a special section for multiples makes it a top pick for those expecting twins or more. However, it's worth noting that the app is exclusively available to iOS users.


  • Provides doctor-approved health tips and information for various stages of pregnancy.
  • Includes interactive tools for tracking baby's growth and mother's health metrics.
  • Features a comprehensive guide for expecting multiples, offering specialized support.


  • Limited to iOS users

Stork Pregnancy Tracker

Screenshots of Stork Pregnancy Tracker pregnancy app

Availability: iOS (4.4⭐️) and Android (3.5⭐️)

Cost: Free

Why we love it: The Stork Pregnancy Tracker, a comprehensive pregnancy tracking app, distinguishes itself with daily belly and baby development updates for tracking pregnancy progress. It provides essential features like fetal size renderings and daily updates, making it a practical choice for expectant parents. Additionally, the app includes a personal diary, a built-in social network for connecting with others, and a variety of articles for further reading. Key tools like a contraction timer are also on hand for monitoring labor progress.


  • Comes with a weight tracking function to monitor health.
  • Includes useful checklists for preparing a hospital bag and shopping for newborn essentials.


  • Does not offer features to assist with trying to conceive.
  • The visuals representing the baby's development are not as detailed compared to other top-ranked apps.

Privacy and Data Security: A Parental Priority

In an age where data is as precious as gold, ensuring the privacy and security of your personal information is crucial, especially for expectant parents. Pregnancy apps must prioritize this, and here's what they should guarantee:

  • Transparent Privacy Policies: Clearly outlining how your data is used and protected.
  • Control Over Personal Data: Empowering you to manage, export, or delete your data as needed.
  • Data Encryption: Keeping sensitive information like medical records secure at all times.
  • Regular Security Audits: Proactively safeguarding against data breaches.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Following laws like GDPR to protect users globally. These features offer peace of mind, letting you focus on your health and the joy of your growing family.

Seamless Integration with Daily Lifestyle

The best pregnancy apps are those that fit effortlessly into your daily life, enhancing rather than complicating your routine. Look for apps that offer:

  • Sync with Existing Apps: Integrating with your health and fitness trackers for unified data.
  • Adjustable Notifications: Customizable alerts that work with your schedule.
  • Automated Features: Simplifying your daily tasks with automatic tracking and reminders.
  • User-Centric Design: An interface that feels tailored to your lifestyle.
  • Flexibility: Adaptable to your changing needs, whether at home, work, or on the move. When technology harmoniously blends with your daily life, it becomes a valuable asset during the transformative phase of pregnancy.

    Ensuring Everyone Benefits: Apps That Grow with Your Family

    A great pregnancy app doesn’t stop being useful after childbirth. Apps that evolve alongside your family's needs transition from pregnancy guides to comprehensive baby development trackers. These apps typically include:

    • Postpartum Support: Resources for new parents, like sleep and feeding trackers.
    • Baby Milestone Tracker: Documenting your baby's developmental milestones.
    • Vaccination and Check-Up Reminders: Keeping track of important health appointments.
    • Family Sharing: Allowing multiple caregivers to contribute and stay informed.
    • Educational Content: Providing relevant advice for each stage of your child's growth. Apps that stay relevant post-pregnancy demonstrate an understanding of the dynamic needs of a family, making them a crucial part of your parenting journey.

    Benefits and Limitations of Using Pregnancy Apps

    The Bright Side: Benefits of Pregnancy Apps

    Pregnancy apps have transformed the experience of expectant parents by making it easier than ever to access vital information and track pregnancy milestones. They provide personalized advice tailored to each stage of pregnancy, enable connections with a supportive community of other expectant parents, and simplify health monitoring. This combination of features makes pregnancy apps a comprehensive tool for navigating the journey to parenthood, offering both convenience and peace of mind.

    The Flip Side: Limitations to Consider

    In this incredible journey of pregnancy, technology in the form of apps can be a fantastic ally, offering support, knowledge, and community at your fingertips. These apps are best used as a complement to, not a replacement for, professional medical advice, and users should be mindful of the potential for information overload, which can lead to anxiety. Data privacy and security concerns are important, as with  any digital platform. As we embrace these digital tools, let’s do so with awareness and balance, ensuring a positive and informed pregnancy experience.

    We’d love to hear from you! Share your experiences with pregnancy apps in the comments below. Did they make your journey smoother? Which features did you find most useful? Let's continue the conversation and support each other in this beautiful and challenging journey of parenthood.